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JoyX Trading Card Holder - 540 Pockets for Pokemon, Baseball & More - Durable Sleeves Set

JoyX Trading Card Holder - 540 Pockets for Pokemon, Baseball & More - Durable Sleeves Set

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Protect and showcase your prized collection with JoyX's Trading Card Holder. With a whopping 540 pockets across 60 pages, our sleeves accommodate cards of various sizes, ensuring they remain in mint condition. Crafted from clear, acid-free polypropylene, these sleeves resist wear, tear, and the elements. Whether it's baseball cards, Pokemon, or any standard trading cards, keep them organized and pristine with JoyX.

🔍 Transparent Viewing: Clear, durable pockets make viewing and displaying cards a breeze. Size: 3.6*2.75 inches per pocket.

💪 Durable Construction: Premium polypropylene material ensures acid-free, waterproof protection. Resists fading and staining.

🌎 Versatile Application: Ideal for various card types - Pokemon, baseball, football, Skylanders, Top Trumps, gaming cards, and more.

Snug & Secure: Cards fit snugly, ensuring they stay put even during transit.

📌 Note: Compatible with Pokemon Cards. JoyX is not officially affiliated with or endorsed by Pokemon.

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