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35 Pcs Pool Toys Set with LED Pool Light Cubes Diving and Swimming Learning for Kids

35 Pcs Pool Toys Set with LED Pool Light Cubes Diving and Swimming Learning for Kids

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Plunge into a world of aquatic fun and learning with our upgraded 35-Piece Pool Toy Set, now featuring Magical LED Light Cubes! Engage young swimmers in a splash-filled journey of swim learning and diving mastery, as they discover the wonders beneath the water's surface. This set is a treasure trove of dive toys, including everything from playful fish to daring Toypedo bandits, with the enchanting addition of LED cubes that illuminate upon water contact. A complimentary storage bag ensures easy cleanup. Ideal for young explorers at pools, beaches, or bathtubs, these toys are the key to confidence and skill-building in the water. Suitable for all genders.

🏊‍♂️ Enhanced Swim Learning & Diving Delight: Dive into playtime with a 35-piece set that transforms swim learning into an exciting game.

🌈 What's Included: Alongside the storage bag, enjoy a variety of dive toys such as rings, sticks, Toypedo bandits, pirate treasures, and the new magical LED light cubes.

🔮 Magical LED Light Cubes: 5 water-detecting LED cubes add a burst of color to night swims, energizing the underwater world.

🎯 Skill Boosting Fun: Diving rings and sticks that settle at the pool bottom, plus the new LED cubes, promote skill advancement and interactive play.

💦 Versatile Water Play: From the sunny beach to bubbly bathtubs, these toys adapt to every splash zone, ensuring endless fun.

🏅 Confidence in the Water: Inspire young swimmers with toys that make learning to swim an enjoyable and luminous adventure.

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Can the LED light cubes be used in any type of water?

Yes! Our LED light cubes are designed for versatility and can illuminate your adventures in pools, beaches, and even bathtubs, making every water experience magical and fun.

Are these diving toys suitable for beginners?

Absolutely! Our diving toy set is crafted to enhance water confidence and swimming skills, making it perfect for beginners. The variety of toys encourages gradual learning and development in a playful, engaging way.

How do the LED light cubes work? Do they require batteries?

The LED light cubes are activated by water contact and do not require any batteries. They are designed for safety and ease of use, ensuring a burst of colorful light with every dive, without any additional setup.

Is this toy set suitable for all genders and ages?

Yes, our 35-piece pool toy set is designed to be inclusive and engaging for all genders and is recommended for young swimmers aged 3 and up. It's a fantastic way to encourage kids to learn swimming skills while having a blast.

How do I store and maintain the diving toys and LED cubes?

The set comes with a complimentary storage bag for easy cleanup and organization. After play, simply rinse the toys and LED cubes with fresh water and dry them before storing them in the bag to ensure longevity and hygiene.