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JoyX 65-Piece Sensory Fidget Toy Set - Focus & Stress Relief Tools for Kids with Autism & ADHD

JoyX 65-Piece Sensory Fidget Toy Set - Focus & Stress Relief Tools for Kids with Autism & ADHD

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Dive into a world of sensory exploration with the JoyX Fidget Toy Set, meticulously curated for children with autism and ADHD. Featuring 65 therapeutic toys, this bundle captivates attention, enhances focus, and provides therapeutic stress relief. Each toy encourages fine motor skill development, sensory processing, and emotional regulation, making it an invaluable resource for parents and educators.

🌈 Comprehensive Sensory Set: 65-piece bundle with a diverse range of fidget toys for kids with autism and ADHD, promoting focus and stress relief.

👐 Tactile & Engaging: Toys like Rainbow Spring, Magic Cube, spiky balls, and stretchy string provide a fun way to engage senses and reduce anxiety.

🧠 Skill Development: Sensory Ring, Squishy Toys, basketball spinner, and maze puzzle cube help improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

⚙️ Ultimate Fidgeting Fun: Flippy Chains, Pop Tubes, Wacky Tracks, Transformable Fidget Spinners, and more for endless hours of relaxation.

🏃‍♂️ On-the-Go Entertainment: Fidget keychains, ball blowing toy, and Push pop bubble are perfect for portable, stress-relieving fun

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